Suitable for BMW e38 e39 e46 e53

The kit includes the following:

- BMW headunit NBT EVO HW 3.1 with 4GB memory EUROPEAN model only (With ID5 or ID6 - Can be changed by remote coding)
- 8.8" or 10.25" high definition NBT screen (NON TOUCH)
- Extended iBUS emulator + ATM/GPS emulator with switched power (Ignition switched power, useful for powering up amplifiers and so on)
- Quadlock radio plug
- Touch controller (TOUCH ECU not provided)
- Video plug / iDrive controller plug
- 1.5 m or 2m long USB HSD cable  + 1 x USB socket (USB+AUX)
- Bluetooth + WLAN antenna
- BMW ENET OBD RJ45 coding plug for NBT EVO remote coding (Included)


Android phone mirroring (Not all phones compatible) / BMW Apps / Apple Carplay enabled.
Latest map for EUROPE


- European shipping or local installation included

- No TOUCH ECU provided, you can buy from your local dealer. BMW part number : 65829371374

- Our NBT EVO units are only compatible for use within EUROPE

- If your car is not equipped with a hands free microphone from factory, you will need to buy one in order to be able to use the hands free telephone function

Important information related to retrofitting BMW NBT iDrive systems in your BMW E or F series :

- NBT headunit, screen and controller are used but in very good condition. These parts are covered by a 90 days warranty.

- Emulator, wiring loom, USB sockets, antennas are brand new. These parts are covered by a 12 months warranty

- A BMW NBT iDrive system was designed to work in a BMW F and/or G series. These were never designed to work in a BMW E series. Therefore these products must be considered as Experimental Products when retrofitting to a BMW E Series and are provided strictly "as-is" without any other warranty or guaranty of any kind. All other warranties, express and implied, are hereby expressly disclaimed INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. GERMANIKS.COM shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive loss or damage of any kind, including but not limited to lost profits (regardless of whether or not GERMANIKS.COM knows or should know of the possibility of such loss or damages). Any users of these "BMW NBT iDrive" products shall hold harmless and indemnify GERMANIKS.COM, and its officers, agents and employees against any and all loss, damage, injury, liability and claims for injury or death of any person.

- Furthermore while every possible effort will be made to help you run your NBT system in your car as smoothly as possible, we are not responsible for bugs or software restrictions developed by BMW or its agents, that your "NBT iDrive system" might have before or after shipping. If a known or unknown bug is affecting your system, you can send it back to us at your own charge and we will update the software of your NBT iDrive system to a newer version in the hope this will eliminate the bug affecting your system.
BMW does not maintain a public list of documented bugs nor a change-log archive of "BMW NBT iDrive systems known issues or bugs" so we can not be aware of bugs unless an issue is reported to us.

- Some known issues we are aware at the time of writing related to BMW NBT EVO

iDrive retrofit in E series :

=> NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BMW E9x M3 Shift Lights (You will lose that feature)

=> IN BMW E9x M3 WITH EDC you will only have 3 DriveLogic settings available instead of 5

=> NBT EVO iDrive is not compatible with E series hands free microphones. You should change your E series microphone to a F series microphone

=> NBT EVO iDrive may not be compatible with all BMW E series TOP HIFI or Individual Audio sound systems. When the car is an early model, for example a 2004 E60 with HIFI option, you may no longer have the under seats woofers working, in that case, you will need to rewire them manually.

=> NBT EVO iDrive system is only compatible with BMW TRSVC and ICAM camera systems. The NBT EVO iDrive is not compatible with the older generation BMW camera system RFK typically found in 2007 BMW E70 and so on.

The NBT EVO iDrive system might be compatible with some aftermarket cameras but we are unable to provide any advice or recommendation on this, other than the camera must be using the NTSC format and handle 4.43Mhz color scheme.

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BMW NBT iDrive EVO for e38 e39 e46 e53

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