Above all, thank you for considering buying from us

You may pay for your order by bank transfer using IBAN/SWIFT/BIC.
By paying us this way we offer you a 3% discount on your order(s)

You may pay for your order by Visa/Mastercard/Others cards using our online payment processor or XOOM.COM (Our preferred way of payment from North America customers).

You also do get a 3% discount when paying using XOOM.COM - XOOM typically charges 15 USD for their service. You pay by card and XOOM pays us by bank transfer.

We will start treating your order once the funds have been cleared (It can take up to 7 business days for a debit/credit card/XOOM to be cleared to our own account).
We also utilize this 7 days period for security reasons as we have seen stolen debit/credit cards being used on our website and victims got in touch with us within 2 to 5 days after their card was used on our website. So we never ship goods straight away after a payment was made using a debit/credit card.

While we do our best to serve orders as quick as possible, there are periods where we are extremely busy or there are uncontrollable delays due to some suppliers being closed for the holidays, delays in deliveries, difficulty of sourcing some used items at times. Due to the nature of several products we sell, especially full NBT kits, with a mix of old and new products, such as EVO head units and non EVO screens, NBT EVO units with DAB (Digital Radio Tuner built-in), increased delays may also occur in order to be able to source the correct products.

We rarely keeps expensive products in stock (ENBT/MOST Emulators in stock, nor amplifiers/audio products nor NBT Headunits/Screens), so there is always a few days before those products come to us before we can ship them. At GERMANIKS, we do not manufacture our own NBT/CIC/Camera emulators unlike some other companies, so we always have to order from our suppliers first if we do not have the item currently in stock.

If you want to get an estimate time of delivery before placing your order, please free free to contact us.

Once you have received your order, please make sure there is nothing damaged. If goods you bought from us are delivered damaged, we will have to raise a damage claim with the shipping company. Please notify us within 7 days of having received the goods by using this form : http://www.germaniks.com/index.php?route=account/return/add

After that period we will not be able to handle any damage claims

Also if you are buying from outside the EU, you may have to pay import duties and taxes and you are solely responsible for those.


- Audio products from our website are all brand new, that includes products from Gladen Audio, Mosconi and others.

Gladen Audio products have a 36 months warranty.

Mosconi products have a 24 months warranty

- BMW iDrive systems are used but in very good condition

BMW CIC iDrive for F1x/F0x have a 6 months warranty.

BMW NBT / NBT EVO iDrive systems have a 12 months warranty.

- Emulators for NBT/CIC/Camera/TV are all new and come with a 12 months warranty.

- All other accessories such as GPS antenna, Bluetooth Antenna, USB socket, Video plugs and so on have a 6 months warranty.


Custom hand made radio looms, navigation codes, certificates, custom hand made bezels, any custom made product according to your requirements, electronics goods delivered to you, services we provided to you already (Such as remote coding or diagnostics) are not refundable.


GERMANIKS.COM is an internet run business, a remote sales platform. We are not at this point of time offering a permanent physical facility to meet customers face to face. On request and when possible, we do perform installations on customer's premises (Own house, garage).